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13BURNER-SANDWICH-NYTarticleLarge"A Panoply of Open-Faced Sandwiches. It turns out that open-faced sandwiches are a tradition in Austria, as in other European countries. Now a company in Vienna that has specialized in them for more than 40 years has brought them to New York."   Florence Fabricant


Johnny Prime Steaks

DSC06708-768x529_Johnnyarticle"Mouth is alive
With juices like wine,
And I’m hungry like the wolf."
-Duran Duran

New York City and its surrounding ‘burbs are well known havens for killer sandwiches and all things tasty that get slapped on or between some kind of bread item. The subs of Long Island, the American heroes of the city proper, and the wedges, hoagies and grinders of Westchester and New Jersey… we have it all here." - JOHNNY


The Dishelin Guide

Photo-Aug-05-12-16-41-PM-768x513Dishelinarticle"Like all Americans I love few things more than a good sandwich. But two slices of bread filled with a heaping of meat, cheese and mayo increasingly feels like an indulgence my gut can’t afford as often as I would like. Of course, that doesn’t mean I want to be stuck eating salads and quinoa bowls for lunch everyday either. Enter Austrian sandwiches." - JAY



IMG_20160815_135629_Luxlifearticl"Duran European-Style Open Face Sandwiches: Something New, Something Old + Something Delicious!
What is so special about Duran Sandwiches is that they not only open-faced, come in dozens of varieties and are ready to go for busy New Yorkers but that they are actually based on traditional Austrian and Hungarian recipes. " ANNE RASO




20160302_084211~2_observerarticle"Duran Sandwiches makes open-faced Austrian sandwiches a block away from Madison Square Park, if you feel like snacking in Flatiron. Duran has pre-made picnic boxes with everything from smoked salmon and celery root purée to an avocado smash situation, for the truly ‘gram obsessed. " MARGARET ABRAMS


I Just Want To Eat

"I have never see anything like what Duran Sandwiches proposes: small open face sandwiches with a wide variety of combination, probably 30 different kinds, made daily." JEAN-PHILIPPE


Beautiful Cuisines

beautiful_cuisinearticleMore than 20K likes for one Duran Sandwich Instagram photo in a couple of days!


One Hungry Jew

More than 9K likes for one Duran Sandwich Instagram photo in a couple of days!


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